About MSI


We all need something to look forward to in our day. For children and youth who have the opportunity to create songs and videos with Music Seeds International (MSI), we are that something. Relief. Light. Joy. In areas where children are affected by the shadows of war, poverty and disease, they need light to see the next steps ahead of them in what are often dark circumstances. Being given a chance to have a voice that lives on through their videos, they are inspired to keep that light glowing by being a voice for change in their communities. MSI’s vision is to be that relief, light, and joy in all the dark corners of the world.


MSI began in 2007 and was registered as a Canadian Non-profit charity in 2012. Our first projects were in Nepal at schools and refugee camps. In 2009 we left Nepal and began a six-year journey, winding our way through Thailand, Myanmar, India, Cambodia, Canada and Indonesia, finding partners through word of mouth and invitations from people who had seen and heard our work: children’s homes, orphanages, more schools, work with individuals and youth clubs.