The Programs - SonglishA.I.M. (Awareness in Music) and The Original

Music Seeds International makes learning fun. Students are engaged using music as the tool. Through a variety of programs kids learn about language, creativity, self expression, and important social issues by writing, singing and recording songs and videos. These are seen around the world through social media and the Internet. Kids love music videos, and when they are starring in their own, confidence and self-esteem rise.

'Songlish'-Language learning through music/video

Lakita the camera wiz

Songlish teaches language through a variety of activities: games, exercises, videos, lyric writing, song production, singing, recording and making music videos.

"I can't get that song out of my head". I hear it all the time from students and teachers in our classrooms. We write catchy tunes, and kids are singing their homework all the way home and into the night. Retention levels are high

Songlish compliments regular English classes by taking the target vocabulary and turning it into a music video that kids all over the world can learn from. Students from one country love learning songs that students in other countries have created

Benefits: Pronunciation, grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary are focused on. When learning is fun, kids pay attention. Additional skills are learned: singing/music, the video production and song writing process, confidence building (starring in your own video).

'AIM' Awareness In Music

ESL games

AIM focuses on issues like bullying, environment, substance abuse and nutrition.                                                                         

Facilitators and teachers choose the topic. Students take an active part in writing the lyrics (reiterating the information) and singing them to music samples that will later become the songs for the music videos. 

Finished videos find an audience outside the classroom on social media and educational networks.

Benefits: reduced social problems in and beyond the community, experiential learning, confidence building. language advancement.

'The Original' - Students pick the topic-students write the lyrics   

This program gives students a voice and a chance to create something of their own.

Once a topic and music style is chosen, we help the students write their own lyrics using creative writing tools that take the mystery out of songwriting.

Students work together, voting on topics and lyrics that will be used in the final version of the song.

Benefits: critical thinking, right brain activity, teamwork, confidence building, music education, video education, language advancement, self expression, experiential learning.


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